Maricopa Prepares for 2020 Victory

MARICOPA COUNTY, ARIZONA — Well-known GOP activist, Linda Brickman is the newly appointed Maricopa County 2020 Victory Project Chairman.

“I have been asked by MC Chairwoman Rae Chornenky to help the Board of Supervisors (BOS) and MC Election Department to organize and train PC Poll Workers and Poll Observers for the 2020 Elections in Maricopa County,” Brickman said in a statement.

“We need Republican volunteers to work at the Election polls in March, August and November. For each polling location, the BOS wants a list of Republican volunteers to work the following positions from each Precinct:  1 Inspector, 1 Marshall, 1 Judge, 3 Clerks and 5 Poll Observers.  Note that all but Poll Observers are paid positions,” Brickman continued. “ALL are critical jobs! Because IF Republicans do not fill these positions, Democrats Will!”

The goal is to provide the BOS with the County list of volunteers so they can finalize as soon as possible.  Once done, we will be starting the formal volunteer training sessions.

This is your chance to make a positive difference in Election Integrity and Make AZ RED Again!

Please contact Brickman as soon as possible to get signed up in your Precinct (and please get the word out to others that you know to sign up, too) to give us the WIN in 2020!

Linda Brickmanis is also the Maricopa County First Vice Chair, contact her at 602-330-9422 with questions on the duties for these positions or email her at

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