The 17 Crimes & Errors of the FBI Team Who Spied on Trump

By: Joseph Morgan, Candidate in Arizona Congressional District 2

For those who haven’t yet read the IG report (or don’t have the time), but aren’t buying the ridiculous spin from the MSM, I have taken the liberty of providing you a summary of the 17 listed FISA abuses by the FBI core team, led by James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and Peter Strozk.

Remember, the FISA process allowed the FBI to declare an innocent, U.S. citizen, Carter Page, a Russian agent, so they could in turn spy on Trump’s team.

The IG report shows, albeit in a very opaque manner, that the FBI agents in charge LIED. REPEATEDLY.

The specific lies, or deceptive behavior from the Crossfire Hurricane (CH) core team, BEFORE the FIRST FISA application are as follows: [All of this information was kept from the court.]

1. Carter Page was an asset for another U.S. agency against Russia!
2. According to sources, Christopher Steele, the man who crafted the dossier of alleged Russia/Trump team connections, was not the pristine, and trustworthy agent the CH team claimed he was. Quite the opposite.
3. They KNEW one of the sub-sources of Steele was unreliable.
4. The FBI willfully lied about who Steele had contacted with his materials.
5. George Papadopoulos, while talking to an undercover FBI contact, DENIED that anyone associated with the Trump campaign was collaborating with Russia or with outside groups like Wikileaks in the release of emails.
6. Exculpatory material for Page that totally undercut KEY Steele findings about Page’s alleged close association with Paul Manafort.
7. Again, exculpatory material about Page in his contacts with several Russian oligarchs, which also undercut Steele.

The FBI small unit NEVER started being totally honest with the FISA court as they sought 3 more renewals of the original warrant to spy on Page. If anything, the lies became more brazen.

As more information was gathered, 10 additional significant lies/distortions/exemptions occurred regarding the 3 renewal FISA applications:

1. In January, 2017, the Primary Sub-source for Steele, told the FBI that he and Page NEVER talked about Wikileaks, and stated there was nothing wrong with Kremlin/Trump team discussions (think normal diplomacy). Also, he DID NOT tell Steele Page had met with Sechin (notorious oligarch).
2. Page worked specifically for the CIA as a source. This was told to the FBI as late as June 2017, yet was not told the FISA court. In fact, the exact opposite was.
3. The FBI was told, by multiple sources, that Steele lacked good judgement, liked to pursue things for political purposes, and had no way or plan of validating his own report.
4. Steele was an entirely political actor in the crafting of, and promotion of his Dossier who “desperately wanted Trump defeated.”
5. Once the small team KNEW (meaning, they couldn’t deny it) that Steele was working directly on the behalf of the Democrat National Committee (DNC), they NEVER reported this.
6. The small CH team NEVER corrected the deception they perpetrated in the original FISA filing that one of their “corroborating” pieces of evidence for Steele (a September 2016, Yahoo article) was actually sourced by Steele!
7. The core team was told by FBI source validation that Steele’s past work was only “minimally corroborated”, yet, they continued to report that Steele’s prior work had been “corroborated and used in criminal proceedings.”
8. Papadopoulos literally told an FBI informant that the Trump campaign was not involved in the DNC email hack.
9. Joseph Misfud, a Maltese professor, DENIED sharing information with Papadopoulos that Papadopoulos allegedly then relayed to Australian High Commander Alexander Downer, which was the supposed predicate for the investigation being opened.
10. Claims that the Republicans changed their platform regarding Ukraine to appease Russia (which was factually a lie), were fed into the FISA application and said to come directly from Page’s involvement with the Russians. Page played no role at all in the crafting of the platform.

If you, like me, are utterly appalled by this behavior you can await Barr/Durham and hope for arrests, but you can also DEMAND action now by voting for new members of Congress who will actually uphold the law, rather than making up crimes to pursue a sham impeachment against President Trump while whitewashing the crimes of those they support. I will be that kind of representative.

Joseph “J.D.” Morgan is a native Tucsonan. He published Western Free Press, an online publication, was a conservative columnist for the Arizona Daily Star as well as hosted his own talk radio show on KVOI, prior to announcing his candidacy for Congress in District 2. Holding a Masters in U.S. history with an emphasis on American constitutionalism from the UA with a minor in Aerospace Mechanical Engineering, his work background is as diverse. From working as a financial advisor to teaching history and math at Pima College, he has stayed in Tucson by choice. He is also a cancer survivor. Currently he works for the Upward Bound program at Pima Community College, which assists underprivileged children in pursuing their dreams of higher education. While volunteering ministry work at homeless shelters and nursing homes, he continues to volunteer weekly at the Wilmot State Prison and is a founding member of a local non-profit, the American Patriot Memorial. To learn more about Joseph and his campaign, including his economic plans for Southern Arizona, go to


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