Ann Kirkpatrick attempts to influence Gun Control at the Pima  County Board of Supervisors

OpEd by James A. Schmidt II, candidate for CD-2

A clear case of congressional “interference” occurred on Tuesday December 17th, 2019 at the PIMA County Board of Supervisors meeting. The Board was considering approving a resolution to call for background checks on private sales of firearms. Kirkpatrick’s District Director, Ron Barber, appeared before the Board in support of the back ground check resolution. If approved by the Board the resolution would be sent to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. demanding immediate action on the resolution. Barber is also a former Arizona Congressman.

The resolution details call for the Senate and President Trump to approve a House bill requiring background checks on private firearm sales, including at gun shows and internet sales. (yet internet sales already involve background checks) As the District Director, Barber 100% represents Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick and her Congressional Office and thus speaks for Congresswoman Kirkpatrick directly. With the current action against President Trump involving claims of his “interference” actions, Congresswoman Kirkpatrick is clearly guilty of the same with Barber’s actions Tuesday. Kirkpatrick has made it very clear she is voting for Trumps impeachment too. She supports the claims of his so called “interference” that she is now guilty of.

About two dozen citizens spoke for and against the proposed resolution for private firearms sales background checks. Some were very emotional on the resolution. The Board had been advised by Pima County Attorney, in a Memorandum on April 2nd, 2018, that the Board could not take such action forcing the Southwestern Fair Association to impose these back ground check requirements. The Southwestern Fair Association manages the Fair Grounds and has made it very clear to those attempting to close all gun shows at the Fair Grounds and/or to require private sales back ground checks that they simply would not do it. Gun shows follow the current laws and are not a problem for the Fair Association.

James Schmidt, who spoke against the resolution, is a Republican Congressional Candidate running against Kirkpatrick. Speaking as a private citizen, Schmidt pointed out that the gun shows follow the current laws at all the gun shows operating on Pima County Fairgrounds. Schmidt further pointed out that the attendees are regular, everyday, law-abiding citizens just enjoying their interest and passion for firearms and accessories. Schmidt said the claim that there is a “gun show loop hole” is simply not the case. Schmidt encouraged the Board to not approve the resolution.

Schmidt can be reached at or  520-686-9559, or visit


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