‘Christianity Today’ and its sordid ties to George Soros

What is this publication Christianity Today? Not being familiar with it, we set out to find out what we could about the publication that claims to be an evangelical publication in support of Trump’s impeachment. It set off a firestorm, last Thursday, but who are they?  What we found out may surprise you, it did us.

The publication is very small, reaching just a fraction of the evangelical community and has published in support of George Soros’ policies for years.   George Soros, the wealthy billionaire Democrat financier, who is reported to “rent evangelicals;” something widely reported and indisputably, and broadly claimed, as in this article at the Washington Post.

Dr. Robert A. J. Gagnon, professor at Houston Baptist University, blasted the morally absurd political views of Christianity Today and its double standard in attacking President Donald Trump in the Capstone Report.

“If you come to the ‘table’ set by Christianity Today (i.e., buy its publication or read it online) you will do so under the shadow of its overbearing NeverTrumper ‘flag.’ You play their game, their way, and continue to be sub-Christians, the backward non-elite who are compromised by the culture and who dishonor before the world the God you are supposed to serve.”

Dr. Gagnon points out the double standard where Christianity Today attacks Trump supporters while being silent on evangelicals who supported Democrats like Hillary Clinton.

Gagnon said on his Facebook post, “In the last three years Christianity Today has referred to evangelicals who voted for Trump over Clinton or would vote for Trump in 2020, or who supported Roy Moore over leftist Democrat Doug Jones, as Christians who are not ‘loyal’ to their God and Creator; who forget ‘who they are’ and ‘whom they serve’; who act in ‘hypocrisy’; who have ‘sold their soul,’ ‘changed their view of ethics,’ and worked for the destruction of evangelicalism, not ‘salvation’; who have flirted with ‘idolatry’ and ‘sabotage not only their political cause but … the gospel of Jesus Christ’; who are ‘fringe evangelicals’ and ‘far right evangelicals’; and who are people who ‘often haven’t finished college, and if they have jobs (and apparently a lot of them don’t), they are blue-collar jobs or entry level work’ and who ‘don’t write books or give speeches.’

“I defy anyone to show me where Christianity Today has said the same or similar things about evangelicals who voted Democratic in the same time period,” Gagnon said. “Do they think that we are such backward dull hicks that we don’t even know when we have been insulted? And they say that Trump is too mean to be President?”

Capstone Report, Pulpit & Pen and other publications were found to be reporting that Christianity Today is a Soros front organization.

Pulpit & Pen affectionately refers to as Christianity Astray and refers to an earlier article entitled Top Three Liberal Articles from Democrat Rag, Christianity Today, written by Alan Atkinson earlier this year and first published at the Capstone Report which claims there are hundreds of examples showing liberal bias on the website. Here are only three:

1) In the Christianity Today post entitled Christianity Astray Believes Wheaton College Statement of Faith May Affirm Christian Muslim God was from January of 2016. It outlined how Christianity Today editor, Mark Galli, said he couldn’t determine whether or not Muslims and Christians have the same God.

After the Wheaton faculty defended a hijab-wearing Muslim professor and claimed that Christianity and Islam are just different versions of the same religion, Mark Galli – the same man who just called for Trump’s impeachment – said, “We at Christianity Today are not sure we can unambiguously take a side at this point.”

2) You might think this next one to be satire, but no. This happened. The Christianity Today article was written by a Roman Catholic gay lesbian entitled What Could Possibly Be Wrong With Christian Masturbation. It was written by a woman whose name sounds like the pseudonym of a lesbian adult website performer, Eve Tushnet.

This post is part of a weekly Her.meneutics series called The Sex We Don’t Talk About, designed to feature female perspectives on aspects of sex and sexuality that can go overlooked in the church.  It reminds the rest of us of reasons we should overlook any impeachment comments coming from  Christianity Today.

3) On November 7, Stetzer and Christianity Today posted an article promoting George Soros’ immigration plan . In it, they said that “evangelicals should help lead” Soros’ immigration plan.

It reveals that Ed Stetzer of Wheaton College and Christianity Today promoted the George Soros backed Evangelical Immigration Table’s newest Immigration Reform Package, which is a Soros front organization of the National Immigration Forum and is ultimately traced directly back to Soros’ Open Societies Foundation

That Soros owns the Evangelical Immigration Table (EIT) is well-known. Since Christian leader, Eric Metaxas, got off the board and repudiated it when he found out that it was a Soros operation.

With Christianity Today literally partnered with Soros. It should come as no surprise they’re calling for Donald Trump’s impeachment.  We won’t expect any Trump endorsement from them in 2020.

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