Trump Team Launches New Website on Christmas Eve

The Trump Team launched a website on Christmas Eve to help the president’s supporters  discuss politics at those holiday parties with liberals.

The website, aptly named, gives Trump allies some facts  for talking about a range of issues — from the economy, to the border wall, to socialism. Instead of avoiding political discussions over the holidays, as some articles suggest, the Trump Team says it’s showing people how to win those arguments.

Now let’s start debunking some of these liberal lies.

Under immigarion – What about those detention cages? The so called “cages” used at detention facilities were first built and used under the Obama Administration.

As a matter of fact, the Obama administration and Joe Biden started using them as early as 2014.

Under the Trump Economy – The U.S. has added more than 7 million new jobs since President Trump was elected.

This includes over 500,000 new manufacturing jobs and nearly 4 million jobs for women.

Under Foreign Relations – Some liberals seem to think it’s a big deal if people in other countries get mad at President Trump.

Look, Donald Trump wasn’t elected President of the World. He was elected President of the United States and so that’s what he cares about. He’s on a mission to protect America’s interests and assets, and the facts show he’s doing exactly that.

And finally, let’s talk about Impeachment:

Impeaching President Trump has been all that Democrats could think of since day one; literally the first article about this was printed by the Washington Post 19 minutes after the President was sworn-into office.

First, there was the Russian hoax, two years and over $35 million of hard-working taxpayer dollars wasted and nothing found. Then, there was the “earth-shattering” Mueller report, that was a flop.

The Russian hoax blew up in Democrats’ faces, so they had to figure out something else, and they settled on Ukraine.

They cried about a “quid pro quo,” but they didn’t count on President Trump releasing the transcript of his phone call with the Ukraine president. It showed there was nothing there!

So when that didn’t work, Democrats did some polls and focus groups and came up with “extortion” and “bribery.”

So let’s look at the facts:

President Trump asked for nothing in exchange for lethal military aid to Ukraine.

He didn’t tie the aid to any actions by the Ukrainians.

The Ukrainian president didn’t know the aid was under any delay.

And he himself said, he didn’t feel under pressure. And then the aid flowed to Ukraine. Without the Ukrainians doing anything in exchange.

And, to top it off, under President Obama, Ukraine never received this kind of lethal military aid AT ALL.

It is thanks to President Trump, that the Ukrainians are getting the aid in the first place.

Impeaching President Trump has always been an election tactic. Democrats have never accepted the results of the last election, so they’re trying to interfere with the next one.

They will never give up. And, as President Trump says, the only thing they will understand is a resounding defeat on election day.

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