Rep. Roberts Introduces Legislation to Strengthen Law Against Sanctuary Cities in Arizona

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Representative Bret Roberts (R-11) today introduced legislation to strengthen the law against sanctuary cities in Arizona and hold sanctuary cities civilly liable for any harm done by illegal immigrants that are released into the community.

If enacted, HB2598 would find any city, town, our county who adopted sanctuary city policies liable for damages against victims of crimes committed by illegal immigrants. Additionally, this legislation would allow for the state to bill the municipality for the cost of incarceration.

Last November, voters overwhelmingly defeated an initiative to officially designate Tucson as a sanctuary city and prohibit city law enforcement from checking immigration status.

“Thankfully, voters in Tucson rejected last November’s radical attempt officially allow their city to become a sanctuary city and ignore state law,”said Representative Roberts. “Although these efforts failed in Tucson, it is only a matter of time before liberal activists in other parts of Arizona attempt to replicate this effort. For this reason, I have introduced this bill to strengthen the law and hold cities, towns and counties who ignore our state laws civilly liable for releasing illegal immigrants into our communities.”

“The protections being granted to those here illegally is more protection than what we afford our own citizens; it’s time we level the playing field.”

Sanctuary cities are illegal in Arizona, and the current penalty for violating the law can range from between $1,000 and $5,000 for every day a city violates the law.

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