An Open Letter to Dylan Smith, Editor and Publisher of the

By:  Vic Williams, County Supervisor Candidate in District 1

“Seeking the GOP nod… former state legislator Vic Williams, who sources said was seeking Miller’s endorsement..”
~ Dylan Smith Tucson Sentinel, Jan. 14, 2020

I would just like to set the record straight about your January 14th article which mentioned that I was seeking Supervisor Miller’s endorsement.  This was not the case.  Ally Miller has changed the face of Southern Arizona politics for the better with her brash in-your-face style.  I sometimes tongue-and-cheek joke that Ally was Donald Trump before Donald Trump was Donald Trump.  As I meet with residents of D1 and tell them I am seeking to be elected to the seat Ally now holds, it’s abundantly apparent that she is extremely well known (thank you Jim Nitzel) and well-liked by most every voter I’ve come in contact with.  For generations, Pima County has been plagued by ineffective government, a long history of boondoggles, extreme waste (if not outright theft) of taxpayer dollars, corruption, and pet projects to a favored few within the donor-class.  Ally’s ability to shine light on issues such as these, and many more, has charged the community within the northwest metro area with an appetite for more reform and review of our local governance.

Whoever is elected to replace Supervisor Miller will be tasked by the voters of Pima County District 1 to carry on this endeavor.  Pima County will never reach its abundant potential if government is unwilling or unable to create a level playing field for all its citizens.  Ally’s voice has made great strides in this endeavor and has set the playing field to bring change.

When Supervisor Miller announced her intentions not to run, I reached out to her.  She was gracious enough to spend an hour with me on the phone.  I’ve known Ally for well over a decade and my ask of her was if she would be willing to help me with issues and provide me with information.  I hope that will be the case, as this election moves forward.  As a former State Legislator, I know how difficult it can be to get accurate and timely information without being seated within government.  Even then, there are barriers to the information you may be seeking that are put in place by the bureaucratic, life-long government employee class who often show distance to the elected officials they are supposed to serve.

At no time did I push or ask for her endorsement.  This was done for a specific reason, and necessary for me to be a successful County Supervisor who can help chart the future of Pima County. A future not just for the next 4-years but bring a vision that all of us can enjoy and prosper from on a generational level. One that will serve this community long after our time on earth and bring about a place where our children and our children’s children will become good stewards of the natural wonders and economy of Southern Arizona.  For me to serve this community with a true heart and soul, it is imperative that a future facing agenda be set.

My brand of fighting and cajoling with corrupt and unfair practices will be no less assertive, but will be done with a tact and reason that I am already known for in the community from my prior service as a hardworking and passionate legislator, a dedicated and loving parent, and a successful businessman.

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