Did Nadler steal the last question?

In a hearing that Adam Schiff is proving that he is the biggest media whore of all, Jerry Nadler steals the show.

I think MSNBC is very biased in their reporting. We all know that they only tell one side of the story. But at the beginning of this clip, they get it right.

Another note, during a recess when the House Managers ran to the closest press to be media whores, a question was asked and Nadler started to answer. Schiff immediately cut him off and said I answer the questions.  So this didn’t surprise me when I saw it. The commentators said if Nadler knew it was the last question he would have let Schiff have it is crazy. Nadler has been pissed off ever since Nancy Pelosi allowed Adam Schiff and the Intelligence Committee to hold the hearings.  They took it away from Jerry Nadler and I think he resents that.

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