Postcards alert voters to eligibility in Presidential Preference Election in Pima County

PIMA COUNTY – Starting Feb. 4, all Pima County households with registered voters, regardless of party affiliation, will receive a mailer from the Pima County Elections Department detailing the requirements to participate in the March 17, 2020 Presidential Preference Election.

“We want to make sure voters are aware of their eligibility before they go to the polls and it’s too late to do anything about it,” Elections Director Brad Nelson said. “It’s our hope that the information reflected on the post card will educate voters and the general public about the uniqueness of this election and reduce confusion on Election Day.”

The Arizona Presidential Preference Election, which takes place March 17, gives voters the opportunity to choose who they would like to see as the presidential candidate in the Nov. 3 General Election. This is not a primary election and political parties decide whether or not to participate. In the case of the upcoming PPE, the Democratic Party is the only participant. Therefore, per State law, only voters registered as Democrats may vote.

“Voter registration records show nearly 60 percent of Pima County voters are ineligible to vote in the upcoming PPE,” Nelson said. “But there’s still time for people to become eligible, if they would like to vote in this election.”

To participate in the PPE, voters currently registered as Independents with no party preference or as members of the Republican, Libertarian or Green Party, must change their political party affiliation to Democrat. They can do this online or by calling the Pima County Recorder’s Office at (520) 724-4330 or 1-800-775-7462. The deadline to update this information is Feb. 18.

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