“THE GENTLELADY IS OUT OF ORDER!’ – Democrat refuses to yield floor | FULL VIDEO

Freshman Rep. Haley Stevens (D-Mich.) praised healthcare workers and refused to yield the floor during the House debate Friday morning on a $2 trillion relief package for workers and businesses reeling from the coronavirus pandemic.

Rep. Haley Stevens speech shows how members can fuel rather than fight hysteria and panic. The incredible scene was played out as the very task force members who she referenced are trying to rebut some alarmist predictions and estimates. Much of the nation is sheltering in place. We get it. However, Rep. Stevens seems intent on elevating not the discussion but the volume of the national discourse.

What was most notable is that Stevens was not saying anything particularly new . . . just saying it louder. Indeed, the Democratic Majority Whip was trying to give her the added 30 seconds that she had asked, but she was yelling over his voice.

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