Ladies and Gentlemen, Are We Sick & Tired Yet?

Nancy Pelosi rejected the Senate stimulus package thus playing politics with the American Peoples lives once again. This is a person who once said ” You have to pass it to know what’s in it” Who said that it was a matter of Nation Security to Impeach The President Of The United States as soon as possible.” Then she waited to give the impeachment to the Senate for over a month.  This is a Congresswoman who has used to office to enrich herself, her husband as well as her family. Remember the 2008 Visa Stock? How she used a Quid Pro Quo to enrich her family with insider trading on a bill she was to vote on. Here is a woman who disrespected the State of the Union address by ripping up the speech behind the President. What a disgrace.

Nancy Pelosi tried in vain to pass a stimulus bill that has nothing to do with the Americans that are suffering from the China Virus. She tried to add things like:

  1. Same day voter registration
  2. No-excuse absentee mail-in voting
  3. Prohibiting States from imposing requirements on eligibility of a voter to prove who they are. ( such as notarization or witness signatures)
  4. Giving away Obama phones
  5. $1.2 billion in grants over five years for the production of “sustainable aviation fuels” that reduce greenhouse gas emissions by “at least 30 percent” compared to traditional jet fuel. (Yet she uses a private jet to go from Washington DC to San Francisco)
  6. Expanding a recent law providing pension funding relief for a number of community newspaper plan sponsors.
  7. $35 million to ensure that the D.C.-based John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is able to remain operational and pay its expenses during the coronavirus-related economic slowdown.

The items that concern me the most are the way they are trying to manipulate the upcoming elections. They know they have no possible hope to defeat President Trump in the next election. They need to change the rules. They are desperate. They are trying everything they can to rally their base. Yet their base is switching parties at an alarming rate. Now is the time to crush this party.

We Need to rally and get rid of these corrupt politicians. Just think, if the Democrats keep the house, we may have AOC as speaker of the House. I don’t want to risk that.



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