A Great Country Can Survive!

What the Hell is happening in this country? We can’t go to the National Parks, yet we can go to Walmart!!! We can’t spend time at the lake or Ocean yet we can go to Home Depot? We can’t do drive by Church on Easter,  yet we can go to the Grocery store. We can go to a drive through window of a fast food place, who’s hands don’t have gloves and nobody in the place is wearing masks. Somethings not right here! What happened to our rights here.

Our politicians are pointing fingers at each other and then they say its Trump’s fault. Really? As a country, we just allowed our government to take our freedoms away. You need to ask yourself, how many of the freedoms they took from us are we getting back? Just think about it, Dr. Fauci was appointed the Director of NIAID in 1984. That stands for the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. What the hell was his job? What was he doing? We were short of masks, gloves, ventilators and etc. Was Donald Trump suppose to take time from his job as President of the United States of America to count all of this in every state?  As late as February, Fauci told the press go on living your lives normally ( Feb. 29th), He also said “Taking a cruise is OK if you are healthy” on March 9th.  Then last week, He said if Trump had listened to him, he could have saved thousands of lives! Really?

Pelosi encouraged public gatherings in February! She wanted people to come to China Town and mingle. Then called Trump a racist for enacting a travel ban. Schummer, Schiff, AOC, and all the other Democrats joined in. Now they all blame Trump. They all say they warned Trump. Really? Then all of a sudden their tweets are deleted because they didn’t want the public to know what they had said. They want us to fund the WHO, yet they allowed China to lie about this disease and how many people in China died. What is going on here. Wake up America!!!

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