Michael Flynn Framed!! Who’s to blame.

Resent unsealed FBI documents implicate top FBI officials plotting a perjury trap on Michael Flynn. Four pages of damaging FBI emails and handwritten notes regarding Michael Flynn were unsealed Wednesday by U.S. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan. These pages reveal that the retired 3 Star General was targeted by the senior FBI officials to be setup with a perjury trap during his interviews with the FBI. According to Flynn’s defense attorney Sidney Powell, The FBI withheld exculpatory evidence from Flynn’s defense team. How can the highest law enforcement agency do this? What went wrong?

The DOJ has also released 11 more pages of documents as well. “What is especially terrifying is that without the integrity of Attorney General Bill Barr and U.S. Attorney Jensen, we still would not have this clear exculpatory information as Mr. Van Grack and the prosecutors have opposed every request we have made,” said Powell. “The FBI pre-planned a deliberate attack on Gen. Flynn and willfully chose to ignore mention of Section 1001 in the interview despite full knowledge of that practice,” Powell said in a statement. “The FBI planned it as a perjury trap at best and in so doing put it in writing stating ‘what is our goal? Truth/ Admission or to get him to lie so we can prosecute him or get him fired.”

The documents reveal that FBI officials discussed strategies for setting up Flynn before his January 24, 2017 interview. This was the start of the FBI’s attempt to take down President Trump. Why no news coverage? If they do cover it, they twist the story to make Flynn look like a bad actor. Congress knew it was going on and did nothing. Ann Kirkpatrick said all the evidence against Trump in the Mueller investigation was true and he needed to be impeached. What kind of prosecutor was she? Why isn’t she saying anything about this? Why haven’t any of the democrats from Arizona condemning this? This could well be the biggest scandal to hi this country. The FBI tried to take out the President of the United States. People, this is an outrage. We can’t wait until the elections to vote the corrupt democrats out of office. We need to expose them for what they are. Traitors!


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