HRC Goes Rogue: “This Would Be A Terrible Crisis To Waste” to push Government Take over of Health Ccare

That’s right, Hillary Rodham Clinton is back, and doing plenty of damage to her own party. While appearing on a live stream with presumed Democratic nominee Joe Biden, she let something slip.

Regarding the coronavirus pandemic, Hillary Rodham Clinton says that “this would be a terrible crisis to waste” to not push for a government takeover of American health care.

We’re not sure if Clinton is angling for a spot in Biden’s administration. Or she just loves the guy. Either way, she lent some of her “star power” to bolster the man’s campaign in a virtual town hall with 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden on 4/28/2020.

But while discussing the current crisis, she slipped up and said something that Democrats might be thinking… but should never say out loud!

Ouch! It looks like Joe isn’t the only aging Democrat who has a problem with words!

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