Democrats Target Strong Republican Female Arizona Legislator Unsuccessfully

Phoenix, AZ – Yesterday, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled in favor of Representative Shawnna Bolick.  In April, Rep. Bolick’s candidate nomination petitions were challenged in Maricopa County Superior Court by a local voter, and then, appealed to the Arizona Supreme Court after losing in the lower court.

The Democrats know Rep. Bolick uses a post office box rather than her residence address for her campaign filings because she has a court-ordered protected address and used the same post office box address in her campaign filings in 2018.  Bolick stated, “the Democrats’ lawsuit was bogus”.

“The claim leveled against my campaign was funded by an out-of-state leftwing donor who has no idea who I am and doesn’t have the best interests of Arizona in mind.”  Bolick continued, “the Democrats targeted me because I am a strong Republican female legislator who has accomplished quite a bit in a short amount of time.  It is very telling how the Democrats are sexist against conservative women.  In 2018, they targeted Representatives Jill Norgaard and Maria Syms because they were both women committed to working for their constituents, and now they have targeted me.”

It is no secret Bolick’s husband, Clint, serves as a justice on the Arizona Supreme Court.  Pursuant to state statutes that allow certain public officials to protect the privacy of their residential addresses, the Maricopa County Superior Court issued an order shortly after Justice Bolick requested restricting public access to Clint and Shawnna’s address and telephone numbers in public records, including voter registration.  Bolick uses a post office address that identifies her as a resident of Legislative District 20 (LD20), which the Arizona Supreme Court has upheld as sufficient notice for candidate ballot petitions.

“I’m gratified by the large number of LD 20 voters who signed my petition for re-election,” Rep. Bolick declared.  “It’s really a shame that leftwing Democrat partisan activists tried to deny voters their right to nominate a favorable candidate and a hard-working legislator.  I very much look forward to getting back to work as we reopen Arizona.”

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