Aquila: Some Unknown Facts of Covid-19 with Socialist Democrat Dictatorship

By: Frank Aquila

While Republican governors reopened their state, Democrat governors delayed reopening since an economic recovery would benefit President Trump’s reelection.  Democrats would rather see people and businesses suffer for their own political advancement.  Just this past Mother’s Day, stores like Walmart were able to sell flowers while the local florists remained closed.  As a result, many small businesses throughout California are going out of business and even large companies like Tesla have announced plans to relocate in Texas and Nevada, creating more unemployment throughout the state.  Governor Newsom is stating California will have a budget deficit. Yet, he has been funneling tax-payer money to assist illegal aliens and not caring about the small businesses or people of California.

The population of California is nearly 40 million people. Yet, 2,695 people have died from Covid-19 in California, which is 0.0000673 percent of the people.  According to Bloomberg News when comparing the deaths in Italy, 99 percent of those individuals who died from the virus actually had other illnesses. Using the same comparison in the study reported by Bloomberg News would mean 27 people in California statistically died from the Covid-19 itself or 0.0000006 percent of the population.  To put this all in perspective, the statistical death rate for the common flu is 0.01 percent.  The Center for Disease Control also coded those that had symptoms related to Covid-19 to be diagnosed as a death caused by Covid-19 even if the patient was never diagnosed with Covid-19, a manipulation of the death totals.

While Covid-19 is considered more dangerous than the flu, it is less deadly than the flu for children.  The Telegraph article on April 29, 2020 that new scientific evidence in partnership with the Royal College of Pediatricians has found children do not transmit Covid-19.  There has not been a single reported instance of a child under 10 transmitting the virus, even in contact tracing carried out by the World Health Organization.

The article continues, “Major studies into the impact of Covid-19 on young children show it is likely that they ‘do not play a significant role’ in spreading the virus and are significantly less likely to become infected than adults.”  A study in Iceland on April 27, 2020 also revealed through their Genetic Sequencing Project a study that tested both the presence and sequence of the virus and concluded “that children don’t seem to infect parents”.  A Dutch study also concurred that children are not vectors for Covid-19 with zero percent from patients 18 years of age or younger.  Therefore, why are children not in school?

During this time of the government mandated lockdown, how many people died having their medical surgeries being cancelled?  One patient, Chris Walcroft, a 50 year old father of two died April 15 after a scheduled surgery to prepare his kidney dialysis was cancelled.  Another doctor reported more people will die from delayed treatment for cancer or having their heart surgeries delayed than the totals of those who will die from Covid-19.  How many people have died from suicides?  According to research at Oxford University, suicide rates rise 1% for every percentage point increase in unemployment.  The unemployment rate in San Diego County skyrocketed from 4% to nearly 25% due to the government mandated lockdown.  With so many losing their jobs and feeling isolated, a new study reported by CBS News on May 8, 2020 revealed the government mandated lockdown could lead to an additional 75,000 deaths related to drug or alcohol abuse and suicide.

One of the big myths is that sheltering at home will protect you.  The opposite is true.  Stanford Scientist TJ Rogers stated statically in a study of those who got the virus and those who didn’t showed there is no correlation between the lockdowns and those who contracted the virus. While government lockdowns had no correlation, another study showed voluntary individual social distancing did.   This study also explains why 66 percent of patients who contracted the Covid-19 in New York were sheltering at home since they were not out in sunlight.

Multiple studies have shown that Covid-19 and similar viruses do not survive in sunlight.  Even a study by the Department of Homeland Security showed sunlight can kill the virus on things like playgrounds, beaches, and anything left outside in the sunlight.  So why are children’s playgrounds roped off with caution tape?

Rham Emanuel was President Obama’s former Chief of Staff who stated, “Let’s make sure this crisis doesn’t go to waste.”  The Democrats have used this crisis to push this socialist agenda, trample on American Constitutionals Rights, and flex their muscle for political power by Governor Newsom’s Executive Order to conduct elections by mail, which according to Integrity Project, would be mailed to 458,000 dead people on our voter rolls, nearly 2,000 people 105 years old or older, 38,000 voters with more than one registration, as well as illegal aliens would were added the voter rolls last year through the DMV.  But don’t worry; the Democrats will be there to harvest all of those ballots to turn in to make sure they stay in power, which will bring us full circle to the socialist dictatorship we can get use to by the elite Democrat party.

Frank Aquila is president of San Joaquin Conservative Patriots and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere”.  He can be emailed at

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