Fake Covid data to hurt America and defeat Trump

By Frank Aquila

In the movie, “The Fugitive” a doctor is framed, convicted, and imprisoned until he is able to prove his innocence of the real criminals, who had manipulated test data for their own personal gain.

On July 15, 2020, a similar criminal story was discovered when it was revealed that Coronavirus testing data had been manipulated and falsified to make it appear there were more cases of Coronavirus.  The data reported the positives and did not report the negative tests throwing the percentages way off.  Some of the data came back with 100 percent results from over 300 laboratories, which is statistically impossible, according to a story by the Palm Beach Post on July 15, 2020, showing a 76 percent positivity rate when the actual positivity rate would be six percent in Florida.

Dr. Rebekah Jones, a scientist who was fired from the Florida Health Department stated DOH leadership told her to manipulate the number in a June 29, 2020 article by NPR News, called “Florida Scientist Says She Was Fired For Not Manipulating COVID-19 Data.”  Jones stated health officials had a “pre-written plan” put together in advance.  She stated, “I was asked to actually delete and then hide the data.”

Dr. Scott Jensen, a Minnesota physician, stated the Center for Disease Control (CDC) used guidelines to certify whether a patient died of Covid are “ridiculous”, misleading the public.  Jensen stated if a patient who died can somehow be related to Covid the hospitals are paid more even if he had other illnesses that likely caused the death. Some hospitals were statistically manipulating deaths as “Covid related” even for patients who died from cancer.  Further, if the patient needed a ventilator, the payoff is three times greater, even if is just “possible” the patient died from Covid.

While the death rate has decrease and the mortality rate is very low, health officials have been caught manipulating data by turning in just positive tests.  There have been cases where a husband and wife caught the virus, tested positive four times each before they tested negative.  Then a total of eight positive tests were turned in to sway the percentages.  There were also cases where people went for a test, waited and left without taking the test, and informed later that their test came back positive even though they never took the test.

There are those who are manipulating the testing data in a “pre-written plan” as described by Dr. Jones.  Why would there be a “pre-written plan”?  The answer is to destroy the economy and American confidence to defeat President Trump.  Democrats have tried everything possible to undermine and take down the Trump presidency.   Some Democrats have suggested some pain in America is worth it to have President Trump lose.

California is an example of the tyrancy.  Governor Newsom is the nephew of Nancy Pelosi and admitted they have discussed “what will be needed over the course of the next few months.”  Pelosi does not want Trump reelected and shutting down the economy is their opportunity.  By using manipulated data, they can essentially make their case to close the economy and scare people to stay home despite the low mortality rate.  It doesn’t matter if businesses close or if children aren’t in school.  The idea is to disrupt voters’ lifestyles so they will want a change.  They want to create an atmosphere to blame Trump.

While Democrat governors tell people not to go to church, they called protests essential.  They have ignored guidelines for voting by demanding mail-in ballots, essentially allowing voter fraud, which has already occurred in other states with some arrests.   This would turn the election into turmoil as the voting results would not be readily known and ballots could be stuffed into the Registrar of Voters in various areas.

If there can be a “pre-written plan” through health officials to manipulate Covid data for their political influence, there can easily be a “pre-written plan” to coordinate and manipulate the voting process, especially with unsecured ballots.

Like in the movie, “The Fugitive” the American people have been framed by the virus, convicted by falsified data, and imprisoned in our homes over a virus that has a very low mortality rate.  We have been forced to shut everything down and controlled by elite government leaders, who have used manipulated data to sacrifice Americans and businesses for their own political gain.

Luckily, Scientist Rebekah Jones and Dr. Scott Jensen have come forward to expose this lie and deception of the real criminals, who are not only manipulating data; but manipulating the mind of the voter.

Frank Aquila is president of the San Joaquin Stanislaus Conservative Patriots and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere”.  He can be emailed at mantecarepublicans@yahoo.com

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