Left Wing Lunacy for July 2020

By Frank Aquila

Liberal left-wing lunacy continued into July with more hate for America from Democrats.  Democrats have now called Mt. Rushmore a “symbol of hate” and “white supremacy” when President Trump honored our history there on the 4th of July.  The Washington Post called it a “legacy of white domination” forgetting that MSNBC had featured a Mt. Rushmore backdrop in their own promo in 2012.

Joe Biden’s video supervising video producer, Sara Pearl urged people not to reference police officers as “pigs” because pigs are “highly intelligent” and police officers are “monsters” who don’t deserve to be called pigs.

Joe Biden, who has been in Washington for a half century, can’t bring himself to say “America First”.  However, it was discovered he was able to quote the “N-Word” 13 times during a 1985 hearing.

Media deceptively tried to claim a Trump Rally led to a surge of the Coronavirus while ignoring protests and riots by ANTIFA.  Speaking of ANTIFA, 13 of 20 arrested in Portland happened to be teachers who indoctrinate children.  As cities burn and officers are attacked, the Democrat media called the riots, “Peaceful Protests” while buildings burned in the background of their reporting.  Democrat Jerrod Nadler actually stated, “ANTIFA is a myth.”

In 2016 these same Democrats claimed Trump was going to destroy America. Yet, it is Democrats who are letting America burn.

It was discovered 330 laboratories were manipulating Coronvirus test results to sway the data to appear higher.

In California, singing has been banned in churches; but protesters foaming at the mouth and shoulder to shoulder are considered lawful.  Strange that California released 8,000 more prisoners after requiring citizens to wear masks. So if masks work so well, why not keep the prisoners in prison and give them all masks?

Anarchists are now targeting churches as many churches were burned and statues of Jesus have been beheaded across America.

In Indiana, a white 24 year mother was killed arguing with BLM protestors that “All lives matter”.  There was no press on this.

The statue of Frederick Douglas, who was a former slave and worked with President Lincoln to free Black America, had his statue torn down in New York.

Sports continue to be politicized with the NFL now playing the “Black National Anthem” and NBA placing “Black Lives Matter” on the court.  Will we also include Hispanics, Asians, or Gay Anthems or phrases to be all inclusive?  The NBA will even allow slogans, such as “Kill Cops” and “Burn Jews” on the back of NBA jerseys.  Sports should be the one area where no politicization should take place, a place where all can get away from politics.

Now that the Washington Redskins are no more, the Washington Post has called the Texas Rangers a name of white supremacy and there is a push to change the name of the Cleveland Indians and Atlanta Braves.

In Virginia, an American Flag was ordered to be removed from a construction site because it was considered offensive.

New York plans to cut the police budget by one billion dollars but had money to paint “Black Lives Matter” in a political stunt on the street in front of Trump Tower.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez states 1 billion cut from the NYPD isn’t enough: “Defunding the police means defunding police.”  As crime skyrocketed in New York with shootings up 358%, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez blamed it on those who needed to “shoplift some bread”.  I suppose a one year old child had bread in his hand when he became a shooting victim?

Seems those city council members in Minneapolis, who voted to defund the police, charged the city $152K for the own private security.

Seattle held a “segregated” training session to employees on “undoing whiteness”, encouraging employees to forfeit “guaranteed physical safety” stating “racism is not our fault but we are responsible”.

Leslie Neal-Boylan, the dean of nursing at the University of Massachusetts, was fired after sending an email that “EVERYONE’S LIFE MATTERS.”  Justin Kucera, a Michigan teacher was fired for tweeting, “Trump is our president” while other teachers express anti-Trump views and still have their jobs.

Media pendants continue to have egg on their face as Rachel Maddow on MSNBC predicted an “absolutely terrible” job report in June. Instead, 4.8 million jobs were added.

CNN reported a “Master Bedroom” is now racist even though it was first introduced from a Sears catalog in 1926.  Other racists phrases include “blacklist”, cakewalk”, and “peanut gallery”.

If you want to get the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, it has the first transgender gal.

Dead cat receives voter registration form.  I guess he would have voted “Democat” according to his owner.  And that is just some of the left-wing lunacy for July 2020.

“A liberal is someone who wants you to think like them and a conservative is someone who just wants you to think.”

“No amount of evidence will ever persuade an idiot.” – Mark Twain

Frank Aquila is president of the San Joaquin Stanislaus Conservative Patriots and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere” and can be emailed at mantecarepublicans@yahoo.com

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