Republicans Send Voter Registration to Jeff Flake Suggesting he Change Party

The MCRC EGC passed Joe Neglia’s resolution last night that was posted 8-31-20 Briefs suggesting former US Senator Jeff Flake join the Democrat Party after making non-supportive public commentary regarding President Donald Trump. Here is Neglia’s response: “Tonight, Sept 1, after over an hour of debate, the MCRC Executive Guidance Committee stood up for the Republican Party and Republican principles and adopted the Jeff Flake resolution. Recall that this resolution encourages Flake to join a political party more in line with his actions: the Democratic Party. We included a Voter Registration Form for his convenience.

Joe Neglia, Maricopa County Republican Member-at-Large,  drafted the resolution for consideration by MCRC Executive Guidance Committee (EGC) Tues., Sept 1 that former US Senate Jeff Flake join the Democrat since publicly not supporting the Republican nominee Donald J. Trump. Neglia said, “As we-head into the general election, we Republicans need to be UNITED as -party. But when well known Republicans speak out against our candidates and endorse Democrats, it sows discord and gives the false impression to the voting public that we are not unified behind our nominees.:Neglia is asking EGC members to let their Legislative District (LD) Chairmen know their wishes so they will be prepared to take action this evening. RESOLUTION:

WHEREAS, former Senator Jeff Flake, a registered Republican, has acted, and continues to act, in opposition to the principles of our Republic and of the Republican Party; and,

WHEREAS, former Senator Flake’s Republican Party membership places him in great demand by the mass media as a de facto spokesman for the Democratic Party; and

WHEREAS, former Senator Flake purports to speak as a conservative but his endorsements prove otherwise; and

WHEREAS, former Senator Flake’s views directly oppose the main stream views of not only the Republican Party, but also an apparent majority of Arizona residents as shown by his 18% approval rating; and

WHEREAS, while debate and dissent regarding candidates during the primary season is always welcomed, the primary season is now over, and former Senator Flake’s public pronouncements appear to be an attempt to sow disunity during this general election; and

WHEREAS, former Senator Flake has endorsed the Democratic nominee for President; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That the Maricopa County Republican Committee Executive Guidance Committee (MCRC EGC) hereby states unequivocally that we stand united in support of President Trump and fully endorse his re-election; and,

RESOLVED, That the MCRC EGC commends you, former Senator Flake, for standing up for your principles, but recognizes that those principles are not those of the Republican Party; and, therefore,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the MCRC EGC hereby encourages you ,former Senator Flake, to take the next important step and join a party that is more in line with your endorsements, your actions, and your votes: the Democratic Party.

Resolution passed by a vote of 15 in favor, and 12 against. If you are a PC in Maricopa County, you may want to ask your LD Chair how they voted!”

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