Democrats attempt to Steal Election from Trump

By Frank Aquila

President Trump was up on Election Night when all of a sudden many states run by Democrat governors (Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, North Carolina) stopped counting ballots with President Trump having huge leads in such states.  In Georgia, the Democrat run Fulton County stated they halted voting due to a water break.  By morning, the lead for President Trump mysteriously disappeared with what we found out from the following states”

Wisconsin: In 2018, it appears the Democrats had done a trial run of their plan when Republican Governor Scott Walker was ahead on Election Night only to be overcome and lose by what appeared to be a dump of ballots.  While President Trump was up on Election Night, 100,000 votes were added to the Biden total in an overnight ballot dump allowing Biden to have a lead of 21,000 votes.  Also curious is that Reporter Kimberly Strassel reported Wisconsin has same day voter registration and that the registered voting population on Election Day increased by 30 percent or an impossible 900,000 voters.  She points out that surely Wisconsin would have a record/tally of those same day registration voters with an improbable 89-93 percent turnout in counties that supported Joe Biden compared to the normal statistical 71 percent turnout in counties that voted for President Trump.  Obviously the voter irregularities showing Biden winning the state by 21,000 has caused President Trump to challenge the count.

Michigan: President Trump was winning Michigan by 300,000 on Election Night.  Like Wisconsin, there was a strange occurrence that even the New York Times noticed; but was information was banned by anyone attempting to share on Facebook and Twitter.  Trump had 2,200,902 votes to Biden’s 1,992,356 with 90.9 percent of the vote reported.  Within seconds, the vote totals to Biden added 138,339 votes for a total of 2,130,695.  Trump had no votes added with the precinct reporting increasing from 90.9 to 93.8 percent.  This was again done overnight.  How can Biden increase by 138,339 votes with no votes for Trump to give Biden a 2 percent win in Michigan?  There were also suspicious irregularities in the vote total from various counties.  In Michigan County, which went 62% for Trump in 2016 all of a sudden went 62.5% for Biden.  That is improbable and also appears to be fraudulent.  Trump has filed a lawsuit for lack of access to Michigan counting locations or the opening and counting of ballots.  A whistleblower from the USPS has also come forward that election officials have asked USPS workers to back date ballots to Election Day.

Pennsylvania: President Trump was winning by 690,000 votes with the Secretary of State vowing during the election that ‘Trump would not win the state’.  There have been votes for Trump found in the trash bin prior to Election Day and election workers illegally wearing Biden garb and pins while observers from the Trump campaign prohibited from observing the ballot tabulation.  There are challenges in Pennsylvania as the election workers were told to accept ballots even if the signatures don’t match and other ballots are being accepted after Election Day.

Arizona:  The state was called for Biden prematurely as there are 93,509 votes separating Biden and Trump with 605,000 ballots left to count from Election Day and from areas supporting Trump.  If 58 percent of that vote supports Trump, he will win Arizona.  Arizona voters have also filed a lawsuit to restore their ballots which were canceled as sharpies markers were used to fill out ballots as these voters were denied their right to vote and their ballots were rejected.

Georgia: Election observers were told to go home in Democrat controlled Fulton County because they were closing up and then election workers counted ballots in secret.

North Carolina and Nevada also stopped counting votes in states run by Democrat governors.  This is all suspicious as other states had no problem counting ballots.  What happened to the days when we knew who our president was on Election Night?  The integrity of our election has been compromised.  President Trump won the election and the Democrats have coordinated a plan to steal it away from him and disenfranchise those voters who voted for him.

Frank Aquila is president of the San Joaquin Stanislaus Conservative Patriots and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere”.  He can be emailed at

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