Restoring Faith in the System Starts by Holding People Accountable

by Nicholas Giordano

In order to restore faith in the American system, people need to be held accountable. There are so many things wrong with this election, but the second you ask questions, you’re accused of destroying democracy. Unfortunately, the pompous, self-righteous virtue signalers want to dictate, and over the last five years, accountability has been nonexistent. President Trump’s election in 2016 has highlighted just how corrupt those in power have become. The political class, the news media, and the ruling class don’t even hide their hypocrisy, nor are they embarrassed by it. As they push Americans to cancel Thanksgiving, they laugh in our faces while they routinely violate their own decrees

It’s time to ask questions. It’s time to hold people accountable!

It seems at every level, we are being mocked. The political class, the news media, and the ruling class don’t even hide their hypocrisy, nor are they embarrassed by it. In fact, when they get caught violating their own decrees, they spit in our faces with their lame excuses and half-assed apologies.

When we look at everything going on today, it’s sad. It’s an embarrassment. So, I’m going to focus on a few different things, but all tied in with a common thread- the lack of accountability.

People Losing Faith

Millions of Americans have been losing faith in the American system for years, and the question is why? Why do so many people think the system is rigged? Why do so many people believe the system works against them? Why are there so many people who believe that our government, our press, and our institutions have failed them?

These are the questions that should have been asked by the press and the political elite following the election of President Trump. In fact, this is the exact reason President Trump was elected in 2016.

So many people felt that the system was working against them rather than for them. And guess what, they’re right. Everything we’ve witnessed over the last four years only reinforced these sentiments and you have every right to feel the way you do.

Hillary’s Email, the Russia Hoax, & DNC Servers

Let’s start with Hillary Clinton’s email server, the fake Russia investigation, and the DNC Servers. Now I’m not going to dwell on this for too long because it’s been beat to death, but it reinforces exactly what I’m talking about.

Obviously, having a private government server is illegal, particularly if it handles classified information. But the fact that she manipulated government IT systems so that her private server would work, regardless of classified information, is something any normal person would have been arrested for. Then factor in how nearly every witness was granted immunity even though they were implicated shows how it was rigged. The fact the FBI leadership allowed the Clinton people to destroy phones, sim cards, and laptops before a cyber forensic unit examined them, shows how the investigation was rigged. The fact that Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin knowingly lied to investigators shows how the investigation was rigged. And the boy scout, James Comey, had an exoneration letter written before even interviewing Hillary shows how the whole thing was rigged.

Then for four years, we’ve had the Russia hoax crammed down our throats. Bombshell after bombshell about how the President and his campaign colluded with Russians. We had an FBI investigation, a House investigation, a Senate investigation, and then came the bomb when a Special Counsel was appointed to investigate the matter.

We were routinely told by people like Adam Schiff that more than circumstantial evidence exists. We were told by people like Brennan, Clapper, McCabe, and other rats, that the President was compromised by Russia and may even be guilty of committing treason.

For God’s sake, the NY Times won a Pulitzer prize for their Russian collusion reporting, and it turns out nearly every one of their reports was wrong. And they still kept the Pulitzer. How pathetic is that? Just as a matter of self-respect, they should have given it back. But these people have no shame and they kept it.

And when you would ask questions and pushback against the Russian collusion narrative, you were accused of working for Russia. Aiding and abetting Russia. They would say you’re being a conspiracy theorist, and you’re undermining democracy. I’ve heard that a lot over the past four years. If you ask any questions, you’re undermining democracy.

But isn’t democracy built on asking questions and holding accountable those who abuse their power?

Now that the dust has settled, after all the investigations. After over $40 million dollars being spent. Over 3,000 subpoenas being issued between Congress and the Special Counsel. Millions of documents being turned over to Congress and the Special Counsel. 500 search warrants executed by the Special Counsel. (USA Today) And well over 700 witness testimonies if we combine the House, the Senate, and the Special Counsel.

And from all that, what did we learn? We learned that it was a crock. Nothing but a hoax. In fact, the only ones colluding with Russia was Hillary Clinton as we have learned through John Brennan’s own declassified notes, and that the Obama administration essentially did her bidding. (Wall Street Journal)

We also learned that it was those in power were the ones who violated rules, regulations, procedures, and several potential laws. We know that evidence was altered, manipulated, and presented to the FISA court. We know the Court was lied to on several occasions. We know information was illegally leaked out on several occasions. We know several senior-level bureaucrats lied to Congress when testifying. (Department of Justice)

We also know that the press lied the entire time. We know that the former senior officials lied every time they went on air. We know witnesses testified behind closed doors to members of Congress that there was no real evidence to launch the investigation or show any collusion, yet these same weasels would go on these same useless networks and spew all kinds of nonsense.

So, I ask, knowing this, who has been held accountable? What did we have, one FBI lawyer, Kevin Clinesmith, being charged for actually manipulating evidence when they changed an email and presented the email to a FISA court as evidence? And even that lawyer plea-bargained, and in his statement before the judge, he still lied and said it was unintentional. (AP News)

What about all the others? Nothing. Not a single person, outside of Kevin Clinesmith has been charged. All we’re told is Durham is doing an investigation and it will be released soon. Well, when? The fact is the Durham Report should have been released months ago.

Then you wonder why people are mad. When we are constantly sold a bill of goods, and the goods are never delivered it’s frustrating especially with all the publicly available information which shows clear criminal violations.

But we’re supposed to be okay with that. No big deal and just move on.

And then look at what happened over the summer with the riots and the looting. Remember when over 1,200 public health officials signed a letter in support of the protests that broke out in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd. Yet, in the same letter, they stated that any protests against lockdowns are a coronavirus risk and a form of white supremacy. (NY Times)

Well, those protests devolved into rioting, looting, cities being destroyed, monuments being toppled, assaults, and even murders. But how many people were even arrested? You literally have people on camera, easy to identify, looting stores and burning buildings, yet feckless mayors and governors told their police departments to stand down.

So, you can burn down a building, but you better not speed or else you’ll get a ticket. You better not drive by yourself in the HOV lane or else you get a ticket. If you own a business, you better not open or you’ll get fined and potentially shut down for good. The owners of Atilis Gym, Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti, are being fined $15,000 a day because they had the nerve to defy Governor Murphy’s decree. (NBC News)

See how that works. Again, there’s no accountability. You try to be a productive member of society. You try to do the right thing, and you get burned. Then these same people wonder why there is so much division and anger out there.

But now I want to turn my attention to the election chaos we are currently witnessing because I’ve never seen anything like it, and this really gets my blood boiling.

Did you notice that first, the ruling class said there was no election fraud that took place? Now they say, well even if there was election fraud, it wouldn’t have changed the outcome of the election. This shift was subtle, but an important one because they acknowledge the evidence is mounting that at least some fraud took place. It’s undeniable so they are trying to cover themselves.

And they are shifting narratives once again. Now it’s not even about fraud. Now if you dare to question the results of the election, you are destroying democracy. You are undermining our institutions. You don’t care about the country. You are committing sedition. It’s like they go into a dictionary and pick out words, and then the mindless bots in the media keep repeating the same exact words and phrases. Half of these people probably don’t even know what sedition means.

But they have nerve and they have no right to dictate to anyone about destroying democracy and undermining our institutions. These jackals have been doing that for years and continue to do so.

And I would argue that they are the ones responsible for the current political climate. They are responsible for the division and the hate. They are responsible for people losing faith in the system.

The fact is that undermining our elections cannot be tolerated. It’s time we have honesty and hardly anyone wants to say it, but the election was rigged from the beginning.

I think I may have made some progressive heads explode by saying that the election was rigged from the beginning. Now they are going to send me nasty emails. Oh well.

But seriously, look at everything that took place prior to election day. The coronavirus presented Democrats with a great opportunity and they seized upon it. They pushed mail-in-balloting hard, and why do you think they did that? They knew it was going to benefit them. They knew it was going to create chaos. You can’t introduce new voting methods 60-days before an election and not expect a disaster. They knew exactly what they were doing.

Also, take a look at the media coverage. Joe Biden never received any tough questions. He hardly campaigned. I don’t think he went to the west coast once during the general. They never pushed him about his policies. And they completely buried the Joe Biden corruption scandal. Here you had actual emails in their own words. Actual recordings of Hunter Biden and others. You had a witness who happened to note and save every little detail. It had all the hallmarks of a major news story, yet the press passed on it. They didn’t even cover the scandal, and when they did, it was to protect Biden and company.

The press blatantly lied and would repeatedly say that this is Russian disinformation. They didn’t care. They did anything to protect their candidate.

Biden wasn’t pressed at all on his health either. Meanwhile, President Trump was a “heart attack waiting to happen”. They constantly speculated on President Trump’s health for the last four years. They had no qualms diagnosing President Trump from their studios.

What about Big Tech going on a censoring rampage trying to protect Joe Biden. Doesn’t anyone find it the least bit curious that the tech giants only began censoring the President’s tweets 2-3 months before the election? I mean they could have done this for the last 4 years. Why wait several months before the Presidential election? Could it possibly be because the President has been the only person ever to successfully go around the press and get his message directly to the people?

But big tech didn’t just censor the President. They censored news outlets when they broke the Joe Biden corruption scandal, and they censored large swaths of users who dared to post about the emails or about big tech censorship push.

So, it was rigged from the get-go.

But it gets worse than that. These people want to say you are not allowed to ask questions. The problem is, I have a ton of questions, and I will ask them and continue to ask them.

The first question is why did several states fight so hard to do away with signature verification for mail-in-ballots? Seriously, even if you are a Joe Biden supporter, do you really believe it’s a good idea not to verify mail-in-ballots? And someone please enlighten me as to any good reason to do away with this minimal type of verification.

What about the mail-in-ballots in Pennsylvania, where the Board of Elections sent out ballots, and the very next day those ballots were returned? See the Board of Elections publishes the dates ballots were mailed to the voter, and the date the voter returned the ballot. I don’t see how the Board of Elections mails a ballot, and the very next day, the ballot is filled out and returned. Remember when Democrats were complaining about delays in the postal service? Yet, we are supposed to believe that we can have 24-hour ballot turnaround time through the postal service. In the words of Joe Biden, c’mon man.

Another question I have is if dead people are voting, doesn’t that show malicious intent? We know for a fact that ballots were cast by people who are dead. Now the media will come out, and once again they get cute with their wording. They’ll say there is no evidence of dead people causing widespread fraud. So, they are not denying that dead people voted, they are saying that not enough voted to change the outcome of an election. I don’t care if it’s one dead person or a million dead people. The fact is that if a ballot is cast in the name of someone who passed away, it shows malicious intentions to impact an election. Those who do that should be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

I also wonder about the Dominion voting software. Now I have a lot of questions about this. The first question is why the hell do we have a foreign company, Dominion is based in Toronto, Canada, handling anything in our elections? I mean, I love my Canadian friends and listeners, but I don’t want a foreign company involved in voting machines for an American election. And being Canadian why doesn’t Canada use Dominion for their voting?

I’ve had to listen for the last four years about Russia and the integrity of elections, yet we are going to let a foreign entity provide voting machines in municipalities in 26 or 28 states.

The second question about Dominion is about the vote flipping in Antrim County, Michigan. I told you last week. 3,000 votes for President Trump went to Joe Biden. This resulted in a 6,000-vote swing- Biden losing 3,000 and President Trump gaining 3,000.

Initially, officials said it was a software glitch, and once the software was updated, the problem was corrected. Now we are being told it was a user error. Well, which is it? More importantly, if it was a software glitch, where else did this same glitch happen? If it was user error, isn’t odd that 3,000 people in Antrim County screwed up, yet in all the other municipalities in the 26 or 28 states that use Dominion, everyone voted perfectly without any user errors? No, either the people of Antrim County are so technologically challenged that they are the only ones that screwed up, which I don’t believe the case or this problem is much more widespread than is actually being reported.

That may be something investigative journalists would want to get on.

It’s really sad and pathetic how the press is attacking anyone that raises any questions in this election. But it’s actually more nefarious than that. Let’s look at how Joe Biden’s team hired hundreds of election lawyers throughout the country. Do you think he hired these lawyers because he was going to accept the results of the election? Do you think Biden would be accused of sedition or destroying Democracy if he was challenging the results of the election? Those lawyers were making changes in election law before Nove. 3rd to create this chaos!

The reality is President Trump has every right to challenge the election. The reality is fraud did occur in this election. How much and would it be enough to overturn the election? I have no idea and that’s what the courts are for.

The Trump legal team dropped bombs last week from Rudy Giuliani to Sidney Powell, and they made some serious accusations. Now, there are some people who are criticizing anyone who dares to question the Campaign legal team, and I disagree with that tactic. There are some who say that evidence only gets presented to the court and the press has no right to see the evidence until the court case starts.

I hate to break it to you, but the President’s team has to fight it in two courts- the judicial branch, but also the court of public opinion. And it’s incumbent on the President’s team to win over those who may not have voted or supported him.

I don’t know who is advising the Trump team, but I have a suggestion. Start an election fraud website, and constantly update it with relevant information. Make it simple for people to understand. Display a list of all those who are confirmed dead and cast a vote in the election. Have real-time hard numbers of the amount of dead people that voted, the number of people who cast two ballots, the number of people who moved and voted, etc. By providing hard numbers, it will wake people up to the fraud that is occurring. You don’t need to release all the evidence, but you do need to provide some concrete evidence and it will go a long way in the court of public opinion.

But getting back to the press conference. The blowback was fierce against the Trump legal team, which makes me wonder what are they so afraid of? I mean think about this logically. The Trump legal team has to put on their case before the courts. They have to present the evidence. In order for anything to change, the evidence would have to be compelling and overwhelming.

I started this episode by talking about accountability, and accountability exists for all, not just for those I disagree with. The press, the democrats, and the rest of the unholy alliance insists there is no real evidence of widespread election fraud. So, What’s the harm in allowing the Trump team to present their evidence? If there’s no there there then Giuliani, Powell, and all the other attorneys working for the campaign legal teams would have destroyed their reputations beyond repair. They would be doing enormous damage to the President, and it would reinforce the election results.

So again, I ask, what’s the harm in having them present their evidence, and why is the media and the ruling class getting so upset about it? We have a process, and the process is being followed. Let’s continue to follow that process.

And regardless of the outcome of the election, any cases of election fraud need to be investigated. If we truly care about the integrity of elections and have faith in the system, we have to arrest and prosecute anyone engages in election fraud no matter how large or how small. We have to begin to destroy and dismantle these urban political machines that have been in power for the last 50 to 100-years and are steeped in nothing but corruption.

Remember, it’s all about accountability. The system appears to be breaking down because there is no accountability. I gave you several examples, and pretty compelling examples if I can say so myself, where no one has been held accountable for years, and the system is rotting to its core. For too long we have taken a backseat to the corrupt political class and it’s time to say no more.

The ”silent majority” has been silent long enough. Noise gets results. It’s time we start making some noise.

Someone recently bought and it now links to Sydney Powell’ site. These are the times we live in and this is our country if we’re willing to fight for it!
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