Democrats will hang on the gallows they prepared for Trump

By Frank Aquila

In the Book of Esther in the bible, a cunning and crafty prince named Haman desired ultimate power and control as he manipulated the king and was promoted.  Haman was able to parade himself with pride as all were commanded to bow before him.  One prominent wealth business leader, Mordecai refused and Haman was enraged with wrath and plotted to have Mordecai and all the Jews destroyed.  Haman was able to convince the king to make a decree in his deceit that the Jews were a threat.  Haman then built the gallows with his eyes set upon Mordecai to be hanged the next day.  Queen Esther revealed the plot to the king and Haman was hanged on the same gallows he had built for Mordecai.

This same story illustrates what is being done today.  Haman represents the Deep State of Washington D.C and the Democrats cunning and crafty desires to destroy President Trump, who like Mordecai, is an outsider who enrages the Deep State because he refuses to bow to their desires and presents a threat to their power and control of the people.  The Deep State, like Haman, have plotted fake stories of Trump-Russian collusion, an impeachment by one undisclosed whistleblower, and an election filled with fraud in their desire to destroy Trump, ignoring over 5,000 affidavits of fraud by disclosed witnesses.

What occurred on Election Night is eerie similar in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Michigan.  Trump had a substantial lead when all the voting stopped and suddenly in these Democrat controlled cities, huge spikes of votes went for Biden.  A truck driver in Pennsylvania revealed he had been carrying an estimated 288,000 fraudulent ballots from New York to Pennsylvania.  Workers in Detroit revealed two vans arrived between 3 am and 4 am with dollies of boxes with unsealed ballots for Biden.  A USPS worker revealed 100,000 ballots went missing in Wisconsin.  In Georgia, poll watchers and media were told to leave due to a water break.  A tweet from ABC news confirms this as four election workers then roll out cases stuffed with ballots, working for the next two hours tabulating nearly 24,000 votes for Biden with no supervision or accountability according to the tabulation spikes during that recorded time.

The Democrats plotted their scheme by changing election laws through rogue Democrat judges, by-passing the legislature with no voter identification, no checked signatures, no verified mail-in-ballots, and no source code.  They kept poll watchers away or blocked windows and then destroyed the election data.  They discredit thousands of witnesses and sworn affidavits in order to deprive Americans of a free and fair election as long as they have their outcome to defeat Trump and hang him from their prepared gallows.

While everything looked dim for Trump’s reelection, it was dim for Mordecai too.  Just before Mordecai was to be hanged on the gallows prepared by Haman, the truth was revealed.  The American people are also seeing the truth with a recent poll showing a majority of the people believing there was fraud against Trump in the election.  The Pennsylvania legislatures have called on the Congressional delegation to object to Biden’s electors.  The revelation of ballots being wheeled out from under tables with no poll watchers has Georgia reconsidering their electors.  In Wisconsin, there are 221,000 ballots before the court that are considered fraudulent.  In Michigan, Arizona, and Nevada, there are both court and legislative actions.

Like Haman, the Democrats are full of wrath and desire for power.  They have schemed and plotted for four years and beyond, building the gallows for Trump.  Haman believed Mordecai was going to the gallows like Democrats believe they have Trump; but when the truth was revealed, Haman was hung on the vary gallows he built.  Those same Democrats who committed election fraud, to their deepest roots, will also be discovered as their plot is reveal just like the Trump-Russian collusion hoax where the Durham Investigation will disclose crimes by the Deep State.  Then, those same Democrats will hang from the gallows they built for Trump.

Frank Aquila is president of the San Joaquin Stanislaus Conservative Patriots and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere”.  He can be emailed at




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