2020 Election Fraud & 15 Solutions

By Frank Aquila

One of our most important civil rights is to have a free and fair election with our constitutional right to vote without interference of or from voter fraud.  To understand voter fraud is to know the definition of voter fraud.  Fraud in general is wrongful deception by some form of deceit, trickery, or breach of contract in order to gain an unfair or dishonest advantage.  Voter Fraud in an election can be both direct, where the vote is physically used in a criminal manner, and indirect, where the voter is manipulated or threatened to influence his vote.  Voter fraud is anything wrongful deception to change the outcome of an election.  In 1876, there was widespread voter intimidation against African-American Republican voters throughout the South.  With widespread allegations of intimidation and fraud, the state representatives rebelled and sent their own slate of electors allowing Rutherford B. Hayes to win the presidency 185-184 over Democrat Samuel Tilden.  The 2020 election proves there were many forms of voter fraud that compromised our civil right of a free and fair election, which our electors must look at to both insure election integrity and to have the courage to bring their own slate of electors to undo and unjust election that disenfranchised 74 million voters who voted honestly for president Trump.

  • Fraud by Mail: Due to the Coronavirus, states decided to send out ballots to every registered voter because of fear to go to the poll to vote.  With so many ballots being delivered to millions of voters nationwide, there were many ballots delivered to addresses where a voter was not eligible to vote.  Just in Las Vegas, Nevada, there were 223,000 ballots bounced as “undeliverable.’  As the United States Postal Service (USPS) began to receive ballots back that were not delivered, some USPS workers offered to sell the ballots as seen in this undercover report: https://townhall.com/tipsheet/bethbaumann/2020/11/05/undercover-project-veritas-journalist-catches-nevada-usps-worker-engaging-in-alleged-voter-fraud-n2579566  There were also several reports of ballots found in the garbage, dumpsters, and in a ditch.  Some USPS workers were seen on video footage discarding the ballots.  If a USPS worker in a predominantly Republican area were to discard many returned ballots, he could alter the vote count if those voters never followed up to see if their vote was counted.  In many cases there were voters who stated they did call and found out their vote was not recorded.
  • Fraud by Ballot Harvesting:  A recent way to collect ballots by some states is by using “ballot harvesting,” where a ballot is collected by an individual and returned.  With ballot harvesting, there lays a question of who or how many people may have control of that ballot or if, in fact, the ballot was filled out by the voter.  With so many ballots sent out to voters, ballots could be collected and turned in without the voter’s knowledge.  In other cases, the ballots were sold for brides for much as $200 as seen in another video of ballot harvesting fraud: https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video;_ylt=Awr9Jh30FsBfw40ARz9XNyoA;_ylu=Y29sbwNncTEEcG9zAzEEdnRpZAMEc2VjA3BpdnM-?p=project+veritas+ballot+harvesting+minnesota+selling+ballots&fr2=piv-web&fr=yfp-t#id=11&vid=a9a92f63989f8960bf98270fa983302b&action=view   In 2018, North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District had to have the election thrown out after the State Board of Elections declined to certify the results because of allegations of voter fraud where it was suspected absentee ballots were collected that were not completely filled out and sealed.
  • Fraud by Facilities: While ballot harvesting is often used in care facilities such as care homes, assisted living facilities, and psychiatric facilities, those that are elderly or mentally disabled have been taken for granted.  In Texas, a social worker was charged with 134 felony counts of voter fraud using the elderly for her fraud scheme.  https://www.westernjournal.com/social-worker-charged-134-felony-counts-election-fraud/  In Wisconsin, a disability service coordinator reported developmentally disabled adults living in a care facility were pressured to vote for Joe Biden or had their “vote cast for Biden before they even had a chance to see their ballot.”  She explained that residents felt their vote was stolen as an elderly lady stated, “I really wanted to vote for Trump, but (a staff member at her home said “no, he’s a bad man.  We’re voting for Biden.”   She stated identical stories were told to her by other residents.  https://newstalk1130.iheart.com/featured/common-sense-central/content/2020-11-16-disability-service-coordinator-blows-whistle-on-vote-fraud-in-group-homes/  According to state law, Wisconsin Statute 6.875 prohibits staff members from assisting residents in filling out their ballots.
  • Fraud by Death:  The Pew Research Center points out there are 1.8 million dead voters on the voter rolls.  In the 2020 election, there were many who voted but had been dead for years including William Bradley, who was born in 1902 and died in Detroit in 1984.  June Aiken voted despite being born in 1900, a 120 year old dead woman.  There were several thousand people identified in the 2020 election who voted despite being dead.
  • Fraud by Non-Citizens: A study by investigative reporter, John Solomon and the Washington Times article, One Kind of Fraud”: Biden won thousands of illegal votes by non-citizens; study shows.  https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/nov/22/joe-biden-won-illegal-votes-thousands-noncitizens-/  This was also revealed a similar report by a research group, Just Facts where election results were looked into the following seven key battleground states: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.  Comparing with U.S Census figures of non-citizens and demographics compared with elections results both current and in recent elections factored into the study’s calculation.  A 2012 survey by Harvard University found that fourteen percent of self-identified non-citizens said they were registered to vote was also included in their calculations that thousands of illegal votes went to Biden in the 2020 election.
  • Fraud by Under-aged:  There is no accountability to those who vote before they are eligible.  For example, there were 66,248 individuals who voted that were under the age of 18 years old.
  • Fraud by Bribery:  Michael Bloomberg has committed crimes by paying off the fines of 32,000 felons in Florida in his effort to get them to vote.  https://nypost.com/2020/09/22/bloomberg-pays-fines-for-32k-florida-felons-so-they-can-vote/  Bloomberg campaign fundraised over 16 million and donated $5 million to the Voter Rights Restoration Coalition to pay off the fines of black and Hispanic voters who promised to vote for Joe Biden.  However, this act was criminal and violated Florida Election Law since Bloomberg was providing incentives to a particular group of voters to get the vote directly or indirectly through a promise of value to cast the vote.
  • Fraud by Politics: The United States Constitution provides the state legislature the duty to make election law.  There were 320 lawsuits by Democrats in key battleground states to bypass the legislature to make new election laws.  https://thehill.com/regulation/court-battles/524102-most-highly-litigated-election-in-us-history-enters-final-stage  So what happens when the secretary of state, governors, courts, or even election clearks supersede the legislature and changes the law?  This is what has occurred in many swing states.  Unless there is a fight against those who want to dismantle the United States Constitution, there will never be a fair and free election again!  They will be emboldened to continue to change election laws making the legislature insignificant.  They changed the law by either extending Election Day or changing how ballots can be accepted, primarily with signatures.  Ballots are being accepted where the signatures didn’t match the registration card.  The problem is once the fraudulent ballots are thrown in with the good ballots; there is no reference number to track that fraudulent ballot. In Wisconsin, the election commissioner sent notice to all county election commissioners to “cure” or fix an absentee ballot that were bad, or “spoiled” since it arrived without a witness or address of a witness.  All such ballots have been illegally cured which also creates a dilemma since those ballots are compromised and therefore could be thrown out.
  • Fraud by Selection:  In Pennsylvania, there were certain counties that cured ballots by notifying the Democrats of certain ballots that were not eligible.  While Democrats in various counties were notified to fix the ballots, Republicans were not notified of their ballots that needed to be cured.  This creates an issue where election officials not only violated election laws; but also violated Equal Protection Clauses in the United States Constitution.
  • Fraud by lack of Equal Protection:  Harvard Processor Alan Dershowitz state whenever you have one set of rules or standards for one but not the other, there are violations of Equal Protection.  In Georgia, the law was unconstitutionally changed to allow election officials to receive a ballot as long as the signature matched the application; but it did not have to match the registration card.  Therefore, someone could easily request an Absentee Ballot through an application and sign that application; but if it does not match the registration card, it is still accepted.  The violation of Equal Protection is that those who voted in person had to both show their identification and have their signature match the registration card.  Therefore, there were two sets of standards to those who voted in person and those who voted by absentee ballot.
  • Fraud by Impersonation:  I have friend who was once a Democrat and trained in voter impersonation.  His name is Carl Neaterous.  Carl told me that in the early 1990’s he was trained in Los Angeles by Democrat operatives how to impersonate voters.  He stated he was provided a list of voter names in various precincts and since California has no voter id laws, he was able to go to the various precincts and state the person’s name and vote.  He stated it was well coordinated and that there were several people who were trained to use voter impersonation.  When I asked if that person had already voted what he would do, Carl told me they provide a provisional ballot as a way to have a person vote but those ballots were not counted and without an identification required, there was nothing to worry about.  He told me that never happened to him because the Democrats knew if a person was not going to vote or not based on previous interviews if they were likely not to vote.  In the 2020 election, there were 100,000 provisional ballots cast in Pennsylvania with many affidavits filed by those who claim someone voted in their name.
  • Fraud by Fake Addresses:  Investigative reports of analyzing those who voted in Pennsylvania and Georgia revealed there were 1400 ballots that were used in fake addresses just involving mail facilities such as the post office, UPS, and Fed-Ex.  https://www.legitgov.org/thousands-georgia-registered-postal-commercial-addresses-portraying-them-residences-researcher-says  Reports showed those individuals all voted by mail and not in person while trying to conceal their address using a apartment or unit number associated with the mail facility address.
  • Fraud by Double Voting: According to the Pew Research Center, there are 2.75 million voters in multiple states and 12 million voters with invalid address.  When a person votes in both states, it is not only illegal; but considered double voting.  There are 17,877 identified voters who voted in Georgia who no longer live there.
  • Fraud by Computer Generated Ballots: In Georgia, there are sworn affidavits that state ballots were in pristine condition, uncreased mail ballots, uniformly and perfectly filled.  This would suggest that these ballots were printed and brought in under someone else’s name.  https://www.theepochtimes.com/mkt_app/georgia-recount-witnesses-saw-trump-votes-counted-for-biden-batches-of-suspicious-mail-ballots_3585027.html 
  • Fraud by Phantom Voters: When you have more votes than registered voters, that would be a concern of voter fraud.  The 1876 election in South Carolina was overturned by the state legislator when there was just a 101 percent over vote.  The over votes in these swing states are significantly higher than the normal 80 percent expected vote and many are at or above 100 percent.  According to the Nevada state election website, there were 1,327,394 ballots cast; but there were 1,405,376 ballots cast.  That is 77,982 more votes in Nevada than ballots cast.  In Pennsylvania, there were 1.8 million Absentee Ballots sent out but there are 2.5 million Absentee Ballots received.  In various Michigan counties, there were more votes received than registered voters.  That brings a suspicious when you have an affidavit from workers in Michigan who state trucks arrived at 3:30 am with boxes, garbage bags, and garbage cans filled with unsealed ballots all for Biden.  https://www.sgtreport.com/2020/11/stunning-testimony-michigan-election-observer-shane-trejo-witnessed-drivers-bring-in-50-boxes-of-absentee-ballots-after-midnight-deadline-into-detroit-tcf-center-at-330am/   According to the Michigan Secretary of State officer, there 3,276 voting precinct outside the norm with a vote cast rate compared to estimated voters ranging from 84 percent to 350 percent when the average range is near seventy percent.
  • Fraud by Suspicion and Statistics:  On election night, President Trump had a large lead in various key states:
    • Pennsylvania: Trump 2,552,674, Biden 1,870,010 = Trump +682,664
    • Georgia: Trump 2,210,724, Biden 1,899,714 = Trump +311,010
    • Michigan: Trump 1,718,055, Biden 1,411,288 = Trump +306,767
    • Wisconsin: Trump 1,362,199, Biden 1,234,929 = Trump +127,270

Then, all of a sudden, the vote counting stopped in each of the states before resuming later as votes swung in favor of Biden.  While the vote totals in these key states swung in the direction for Biden, which was not the case in other states.  Those states had consistent totals with similar percentages.  However, the percentages favored Biden to percentages that were statistically improbable.  In Pennsylvania, for example, there were at one point 570,000 votes counted for Biden while 3,200 votes for Trump.  https://www.toddstarnes.com/politics/video-mysterious-election-day-spike-gave-biden-nearly-600000-votes-only-3200-for-trump/  There is also a question why the rejection rate was only 0.0024 percent (17 times lower than previous elections) when statistically it has been 3 percent and should have been higher this year with over four times the amount of votes by mail than usual.

  • Fraud by Secrecy and Misconduct:  One of the most effective ways to avoid voter fraud is to allow observers the duty to observe the votes being counted to ensure integrity.  Unfortunately, it did not happen in the 2020 election.  The examination of the ballots were done in secrete.  Those wishing to watch were locked out of the counting process which Attorney and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani claims nearly 700,000 ballots were compromised since they were not observed just in Pennsylvania.  There are affidavits claiming the election workers were fixing ballots during this time and affidavits that observers were not provided the opportunity to see the ballots.  A lawsuit was filed in Pennsylvania with a court order to see the process and election workers did not honor the court order.  Then, once they were allowed, they were at a distance they could not see the process.  A lawsuit was filed with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which they ruled against Giuliani stating the law is the observers could be in the room but not specified how close.  In Michigan, the windows were also covered during the counting process.  There is also a level of suspicion in Georgia where there are also affidavits claiming poll watchers were told to leave due to a water break, while it was discovered the election workers continued to work.
  • Fraud by Technology: The software used in most the key battleground states was by Dominion Voting Systems and is used in 30 states total. Dominion is run by Smartmatic, which was founded in Venezuela and known to have been used in elections in South America by designing the software to switch, delete, or add votes to get the desired outcome.  Dominion, which is headquartered in Canada, uses Chinese parts with executives from Silicon Valley.  Dominion’s high powered firm includes a long-time aide to Nancy Pelosi. The software tallies American votes through computers in Venezuela and Spain.

While Americans went to sleep on Election Night, the vote counting by Dominion Software, run through Smartmatic signaled Trump had amassed a significant lead in various states.  The software programming shut down the vote counting in all those states at the same time to readjust in order to get the desired outcome.  Once the counting resumed, Biden quickly overtook Trump’s amassed lead, providing just enough votes to win the needed states.

There were 6,000 votes discovered to be switched in Antium County, Michigan from Trump to Biden; but how many other votes were switched, added, or deleted through the software?   While other states had finished counting on Election Night, those states in question were all using Dominion Software run through Smartmatic.

In an affidavit by Russell James Ramsland, Jr., who is management for Allied Security Operation Group with an emphasis on cyber security, stated there were “more ballots processed in the time available, than there was capacity” of the systems ability.  Ramsland continued that the 6,000 vote switch was listed as a “clerical glitch” and not a computer glitch since that would have required the system to be recertified.

Computer programmer Clinton Eugene Curtis testified under oath in court and in Congress in March 2016 that he was hired by authorities to help rig the outcome of U.S. elections. He made software for voting machines that would give the desired results.  “It would flip the vote” to whomever you want to win by the desired results without any election official ever detecting the software.  When questioned, he stated, “They’d never see it.” The only way you can actually see the real vote is actually counting the votes against the receipt of the voting machine.  https://freedomoutpost.com/flashback-computer-programmer-testifies-that-he-rigged-voting-machines/  Smartmatic had a desire to beat Trump as it is tied to George Soros, a socialist billionaire who finances the Democrat party and affiliates. Martk Halloch-Brown, a chairman for smartmatic and from Britain, is on the board of Soros’ Open Society Foundation.  Peter Neffinger, who is president of the board of directors for Smartmatic, is now part of Biden’s transition team.

While direct voter fraud is directly tied to the ballot, indirect voter fraud is equally as effective form of deceit in order to give one candidate an advantage over another.  According to Newsbusters, ninety-four percent of news reports on President Trump were negative despite the best economy in the history of our country and being the first president since Jimmy Carter not to engage in a new war.  The media has power to influence public opinion based on their reporting.  According to University of Oregon Journalism and Communication by Andra Bricharek, the media can influence by choosing what to cover or not cover, bias scripts and polarization of America, social media, and using imagery which a picture is worth a 1,000 words.  While news agencies persuaded negative stories against Trump that were found to be false such as the Russian collusion with his campaign in 2016, these same news agencies ignored stories about Joe Biden, including the alleged sexual assault against Tara Reed or the pay for play ties to both China and Ukraine.  The media also used polls to drive voter suppression with polling in both 2016 and 2020 showing Trump to lose in a landslide.  According to 2012 Stanford study, the way polling questions are asked can cause both approval/disapproval for or against a candidate influencing public opinion.  Using “resolve cognitive dissonance” can cause voters to “switch sides” based even on one issue.  According to a study by Michigan University, negative polling can manipulate the voter and cause voters not to vote leading to voter suppression.

Another indirect form of voter fraud is intimidating the voter.  Antifa is an organization that intimidates those who disagree with their political agenda.  They use both threats and violence to seek their own political advantage.

Google is a dominant search engine that indirectly contributes to voter manipulation and suppression according to Dr. Robert Epstein, who is a Democrat.  https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video;_ylt=Awr9ImGRfMBfHakArGZXNyoA;_ylu=Y29sbwNncTEEcG9zAzEEdnRpZAMEc2VjA3BpdnM-?p=dr+robert+epstein+my+google+research&fr2=piv-web&fr=yfp-t-s#id=1&vid=50227576d93b7dc5f87928843d8e9c6b&action=view He estimates in his research and testimony to congress that Google is able to influence six million votes by search engine manipulation and biases of what we can search.

Social media also has a indirect influence on voter manipulation.  According to an article in CNBC on October 26, 2020, social media such as Facebook and Twitter influenced 4.4 million voters through voting reminders to only those who fit their voter profile of their political beliefs.  Social media drives their agenda and influence through censorship and biased monitoring including advertisements.  With all the evidence of voter fraud, both Twitter and Facebook uses disclaimers to cast doubt about voter fraud being real in their quest to cause many to doubt its existence or influence with such disclaimer as this seen on Facebook: “Both voting by mail and voting in person have a long history of trustworthiness in the U.S.  Voter fraud is extremely rare across voting methods.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that multiple forms on direct and indirect methods of voter fraud influenced the 2020 election, and this does not even take account the foreign influence by China or other countries.  The loser of the 2020 election is the American people.  No matter what happens, voter fraud has cast a doubt on the integrity of our elections.  Americans want free and fair elections.  Americans want to know their vote mattered and counted.  Americans want safeguards against voter fraud and that committing voter fraud to be punished.  If we lose our ability to vote freely and fairly for the future of America, Americans will be ruled by those who will use the same voter fraud that got them into power by using voter fraud, power, and elite influence to stay in power.  Joseph Stalin, the communist ruler of Russia, knew this when he stated, “I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this – who will count the votes, and how.”

So what can we do?  The legislature must first correct the wrong and knowing the election was stolen send a slate of electors for President Trump to be counted on January 6, 2021.  This is their United States Constitutional duty provided to them by the founding fathers.

Next, the legislature must look into safeguards to ensure future free and fair elections.  Here are some of the suggestions I would like to make:

  1. Require all states to require photo identification when voting.

Americans are required to show identification to get a library book, get medication, board an airplane, write a check, or attend the Democrat National Convention.  So why is it so hard to show identification when voting?  Except in very rare situations, every person has photo identification to verify who they are through their name and address.  Most states, if not all, provide photo identification card for individuals who request them.

The purpose of photo identification isn’t done to violate an individual’s privacy; it’s requested by others as protection from fraud, theft and terrorism.  By the same standards, we must do a better job protecting our polling places to prevent various forms of voter fraud including “voter impersonation” of those who have moved, are deceased, or have made it known their desire not to vote.  You can’t prove someone is committing voter fraud if you don’t know the person’s true identity.

Under the 1965 Voting Rights Act, the attorney general has the right of approval for any proposed voting change in a state with a history of voter discrimination.  This was originally targeted toward southern states.

Obama’s Justice Department rejected a new photo ID voting law passed in Texas, concluding that between 6 and 10.8 percent of Hispanics in that state lacked the required picture identification. In passing the law, Texas pledged to give out free ID cards to those who didn’t have one. The Justice Department rejected that idea because applicants for the free cards would have to provide a birth certificate.

We have a lot of rights here in America, but they come with responsibilities. You have the right to own a car and the privilege to drive if you get the proper license and insurance. We often have to prove who we are to get what we want. I see no reason why that maxim doesn’t apply to our right to vote.

Much has changed since the 1965 Voting Rights Act went into effect — the pervasiveness and ease of identity theft, to name just one obvious example. The idea of requiring a picture ID at the polls was recommended in 2005 by a commission on federal election reform co-chaired by none other than former President Jimmy Carter — not a man known to be hostile to minorities or the poor.

Not only should there be photo ID, there should be a fingerprint on the back of the voter ID that can be matched with the fingerprint that they have to put next to their name when they sign in. There are machines that they can hold that fingerprint under from the driver’s license and compare it to the fingerprints on the paper.

Requiring voter identification is the first step to revamp our voting system to ensure that only eligible voters actually vote.

2. Absentee Ballots opens the window to another type of voter fraud. Every ballot must be required to have a right thumb print associated with the ballot to verify each registered voter.  (Obviously an exception can be made for the rare number of people who may not have a right thumb.)

When Absentee Ballots are sent to registered voters, there is an increased potential for voter fraud to occur.  When you require a thumbprint to be matched with a ballot, the level of fraud will be decreased.

My researched has showed me there are several companies that make small ink pads including Alibaba and Ballot Expert.  (Note: I have no association with any company relating to ink pads and only provide this information through my research.)  These ink pads are inexpenisive and could be mailed with ballots to registered voters, especially those doing their vote through an absentee ballot.  I have attached a link to one company called Alibaba.


Certainly, those wanting to commit voter fraud will not comply with the ballot requirements.  They will either smug the ballot with a blotted thumb print or not put a thumb print at all.  Those ballots would be easy to recognize and could be set aside for verification during a contested election.  Those doing voter fraud with prints would have their prints on the ballot and those individuals would be easy to verify and be easy to prosecute.

3. Enforce that only American citizens, who are at least 18 years old and not a felon are eligible to vote.

4. Require all county Registrar of Voters to clean up the voter rolls with random audits from either the state and/or the federal government. (Registered voters, who are deceased, moved away, registered in multiple states, or with invalid address must be removed.)

5. All voters must have the mental capacity to be able to vote.

No one with a medical condition such as Alzheimer’s or any mental condition deemed by a medical doctor that deems the individuals mental state unable to properly understand and reason should be allowed to vote until the medical doctor has cleared the individual.

6.7Random audits conducted by federal election workers.

To prevent federal election workers or those being in an assigned precinct from becoming aware of which federal worker would be conducting an audit, a lottery system must be set up for assignment of the federal election workers to the assigned precinct to be audited.  (This will prevent rogue election workers that would be doing the audit coordinating with various election workers at various precincts from covering voter fraud.)  If election workers are unaware who may be doing an audit or if they may be audited, they will be more inclined to be honest and not jeopardize criminal charges.

Federal audits would differ from state audits and the federal government could authorize more audits to states that do not satisfactorily conduct sufficient audits.

An audit should be conducted on any precinct where voter fraud was reported including; but not limited to those with “irregularities,” “over-voting,” reports of similar hand writings, or reports of voting machines switching votes.

A phone number to report voter fraud should be posted at every voting precinct and on all voter ballot material.

A federal audit must include a scan of all thumb prints on ballots through new technology for verification and to determine no fraud had occurred with multiple suspicious ballots.

A federal audit would include verification that the number of ballots is the same as the number recorded by election workers.

A federal audit would include physically contacting random voters for verification and mailing confirmation letters to various addresses to determine the addresses are real.

A federal audit would check the computer software and physically doing a sample vote on various voting machines, especially if voter fraud had been reported in a particular precinct involving computer voting machines.

A federal audit would verify the individual who registered any voter who has been determined fictitious.

7. Federal criminal charges with severe penalties for those prosecuted for committing, organizing, assisting or financing voter fraud or the intent to commit voter fraud.

8.Federal criminal charges with severe penalties to coordinate, assist, or finance individuals to obtain fraudulent or counterfeit identification such as a resident alien card, driver’s license, or social security card for the mean of registering or assisting the individual to vote.

This must include those who establish fraudulent individuals with paystubs as a form of identification through a business as a mean of providing identification to vote or be registered to vote.

9. Require that all voting machines should have an independent contractor with anti-hacking software and software that would prevent changes in the voting results.

10. Federal criminal charges with severe penalties for those who coordinate, organize, participate, advertise, assist, or conspire to commit violence or intimidation at campaign events.

11. Require all counties to cooperate with non-government organization’s audits as with the Freedom of Information Act to allow those organizations to conduct their own audits at their cost, such as the Public Interest Legal Foundation or True The Vote.

12. Require that states not be allowed to amend or undermine the Electoral College process by stating their Electoral Votes would go only to the candidate who wins the popular vote. The Electoral Voting process must be the same through all the states.

13. Federal Law with several penalties to anyone who threatens, persuades, or bribes an Elector to change his or her vote.

14. Expect the Attorney General to enforce all laws governing voter fraud and to sue any state, such as California, for promoting voter fraud through its faulty interpretation of the National Voting Rights Act. (California Secretary of State, Alex Padilla, makes it clear on his website that Registrar of Voters are to “treat as normal” and “enter on the voter rolls” those who have failed to affirm they are U.S. citizens on the voter registration card.)

15 Any future technology changes in our voting system must have safeguards to assure verification of the identity of the registered voter.

This article does not include the latest Democrat fraud scheme of Harvesting Ballots, where an individual can ask for the ballot of the voter with a promise to turn the ballot in.  Through this process, there is no accountability the ballot is even turned in or if the ballot was changed.  The process should be illegal and challenged based on the chain of custody.  Democrats in California literally stole many congressional seats through Ballot Harvesting since after the 2018 Election Day; several congressional districts had the Republican candidate with a several thousand vote lead.  However, Democrats then dropped just enough ballots to change the outcome of those elections.  Oddly, in North Carolina, where a Republican was accused of illegally using Ballot Harvesting, the liberal news outlets accused Republicans of cheating and a Special Election was held; but there was no outrage against the irregularities of Ballot Harvesting in California.

In conclusion, we must look at the problems and solutions I have presented to correct the wrong so we can restore integrity to our election process and stop the criminal forces from stealing elections from honest Americans.  America is the most technically advanced country in the world; yet, we have not assured our voting system is free from many types of voter fraud.   We need laws that will provide the minimal guidelines, standards, and safeguards for the states to assure the American people their vote will be fairly counted.  We need our legislatures to have the same courage as the 1876 legislatures to send the legal state electors to Washington to be counted.

Frank Aquila is president of the South San Joaquin Republicans and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere”.  He can be emailed at mantecarepublicans@yahoo.com




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