The Day of Reckoning that Trump won has arrived

By: Frank Aquila

For two month, the Democrat controlled media has been telling America that Joe Biden won the election and President Trump lost.  That is a lie as thousands of Americans (including Democrats) saw voter fraud up front and personal filing thousands of affidavits on penalty of perjury, willing to go to prison that voter fraud took place and that President Trump won.

There are those who say Trump lost in court.  No, actually the courts have never heard the testimony of even one witness.  There was both direct and indirect voter fraud and all sorts of voter fraud specifically in those targeted swing states – Wisconsin, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia – where hundreds of thousands of votes were either fraudulently accepted or switched from Trump to Biden through the software according to expert testimonials.

So now what happens?  No one is quite sure how things will all work out; but Democrats in the Congress have objected in the past (1969, 2001, 2005, and 2017) when a Republican president was elected.  Now, there are a number of Republicans who are objecting.

There are two slates of electors (Democrat and Republican) for seven states, which has not occurred since the presidential election of 1876, where Democrats were accused of voter fraud when there were irregularities and black Republicans were threatened if they voted.  Although Samuel Tilden appeared to have won against Rutherford B Hayes, the Democrat electors were rejected and Hayes became president.

From the 1876 election, the Electoral Count Act of 1887 was signed and passed by congress.  For roughly 150 years, it has never been challenged in court since we have not crossed this path before.  A lot of discretion is given to the vice president whether is accept or dismiss electors.

Under the Act, there are two hours of debate per objected elector, which there are 84 electors being challenged making 168 hours of debate.  The challenges of those electors are for the voter fraud in those specified states and the voter fraud and witnesses can be presented for the first time.  If three states of electors are decertified or dismissed from Biden’s totals, even if not given to Trump, he will not have the 270 electoral votes which would trigger the 12th Amendment.

What is not being reported and has Democrats nervous is that Vice President Pence has sole authority to accept or dismiss the electoral votes.  He can simply say that the election laws in those specified states were not followed and state laws were ignored by rogue governors, inept lawmakers and activist judges with the illegal actions of election irregularities in these states.  This would create a contingent election, invoking the 12th Amendment.

With the 12th Amendment, each state gets one vote based on the House of Representatives delegation, which the Republican Party has more.  Therefore, President Trump would be reelected.

One route Vice President Pence may do and probably will do is inform the state legislatures that there are two competing slate of electors and request under Article II Section 1.2 that directs the state legislature to select the electoral delegates.  He could direct the state legislature to select in the manner that your state general assembly has designated.

These state legislatures must at that point decide which slate of electors they will vote for.  During the last two months they have seen countless hours of witness testimony the judicial system has refused to hear.  Therefore, it is very likely the state legislatures will select the slate of electors for President Trump, sealing his reelection.

President Trump will be reelected.  I am confident of it.  Those Democrats who drank too much on Election Night will feel the longest hangover since 1876.

Frank Aquila is president of the San Joaquin Stanislaus Conservative Patriots and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere”. You can email him at or follow in on Parler and Magabook @FrankAquila.

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