Citizens in Action – CIA, a Nonpartisan Group, Speaks Out Against Impeachment Trial


January 26, 2021

Today the Citizens in Action (CIA) Voters of Southern Arizona president, Karen Schutte-Rossmann issued the following statement on the process of impeaching former President Donald Trump:

To Arizona Senators Sinema and Kelly:

You took an oath wherein you swore that you will bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of the United States. As such, if you plan to vote yes, to convict, Donald J. Trump on impeachment, PLEASE PROVIDE THE ARTICLE OR CLAUSE IN THE CONSTITUTION WHICH PERMITS SUCH AN ACTION.

It cannot be Article I, Section 3, clauses 6 and 7, because those clauses only refer to removal of a president from office.

Donald J. Trump is no longer a President in office. Donald Trump is a private citizen, and the Congress has no Constitutional authority to try private citizens, as that falls to another branch of our government.

Voting to convict, without the necessary support under the authority of the Constitution would be a serious violation of your oath of office and a breach of the U.S. Constitution.

Voting to convict means that when it comes time for your reelection, your failure to follow your sworn oath will be the main banner heralded against your reelection. To the voters during your reelection: “How can we trust a person who violates their sworn oath and acts outside of the U.S. Constitution.”

Citizens in Action (CIA) represents Independent Voters in Southern Arizona and believes there are many more urgent issues the Senate should be attending to and that such an impeachment is nothing more than partisan vindictiveness from those pursuing it. It is a very bad idea for our country!

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